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Psychology Book Covers 5

A number of Psychology titles dealing with Psychoanalysis for Routledge. I had absolutely no idea what to focus on for Contemporary Bionian Theory and Technique in Psychoanalysis, but sometimes plugging away can result in a really successful sleeve.

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Psychology Book Covers 3

Some of the more abstract Psychology book covers for Routledge. I think that the covers for Advanced Research Methods for Applied Psychology and A Student’s Dictionary of Psychology and Neuroscience successfully combine the need of an academic textbook that visual stimulates and I love the […]

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Mental Health Book Covers 2

A couple of Mental Health Books for Routledge. The image used on Embodiment and Eating Disorders has a beautifully delicate nature when viewed at a distance but almost geometric when up close. I’ve seen it used on another Routledge sleeve, although not as nicely. ;-D

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Sentient Relics Book Cover

Routledge Museum and Heritage Book Covers 1

Sentient Relics by Janice Baker explores museums through cinema and challenges the dominant focus of museum theory as an inclusion–exclusion debate. Conservation Of Architectural Ironwork by David Mitchell discusses the contextual history and key material features of architectural ironwork, and then goes on to guide readers through the management […]

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Introduction To Geopolitics Book Cover

Introduction To Geopolitics Book Cover

Introduction to Geopolitics by Colin Flint will provide its readers with a set of critical analytical tools for understanding the actions of states as well as non-state actors operating in competition over resources and power. Both students and general readers will find this book an essential stepping-stone to […]

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Discourse, Dialogue and Technology Enhanced Learning Book Cover

Routledge Educational Book Covers 1

Three book covers that for part of Routledge’s Education range. Discourse, Dialogue and Technology Enhanced Learning by Rachel Pilkington is invaluable to all those wanting to explore how dialogic processes work and how we facilitate them. A simple concept, I really like the subtle way in which the three […]

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Inside The Video Game Industry Book Cover

Routledge Video Game Book Covers 1

Inside The Video Game Industry by Judd Ethan Ruggill, Ken S. McAllister, Randy Nichols, and Ryan Kaufman offers a provocative look into one of today’s most dynamic and creative businesses. Through in-depth structured interviews, industry professionals discuss their roles, providing invaluable insight into game programming, art, animation, design, production, quality […]

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The Death Of Desire Book Cover

Routledge Mental Health Book Covers 1

The Death of Desire by M. Guy Thompson and Creative Psychotherapy (edited by Eileen Prendiville and Justine Howard) are from Routledge and cover the subject of Mental Health. Quite different in content and execution (apart from their use of Avant Garde), The Death Of Desire benefits […]

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Genealogy, Psychology and Identity book cover

Routledge Psychology Book Covers 1

These two books from Routledge are part of their Psychology range. Genealogy, Psychology and Identity by Paula Nicholson explores who we are, our place in both contemporary culture and historical context, the importance of genealogy in the identity and the therapeutic potential of family history in cultivating wellbeing. […]

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Corporate Social Irresponsibility book cover

Corporate Social Irresponsibility Book Cover

Corporate Social Irresponsibility focuses on ethical failures in order to relate corporate responsibility to business ethics, corporate governance, and organization effectiveness. The book advocates a strategic approach to CSR – ethical management cannot, and should not, be divorced from effective management. An interesting and important subject […]

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Digital Composition with BlackMagic Fusion – David Fulton

Focal Press Books 1

Focal Press is a publisher of media technology books and it is an imprint of Routledge, itself an imprint of Taylor and Francis. These two books are by the same author and feature a similar design style, not quite the same but near enough. Although the sleeves are not part of […]

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Computing and ICT in the Primary School – David Fulton

David Fulton Books 2

Another section of books from the Academic publisher David Fulton. These mainly feature abstract images in use with text. With Computing and ICT in the Primary School, the final sleeve actually removed the dots in the background, however I think this makes the sleeve to […]

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Inclusion In Early Years – David Fulton

David Fulton Books 1

David Fulton is a book publisher that specialises in education and produces textbooks for trainee teachers, practical books for classroom practitioners, and research and scholarly books for the international academic community. I’ve been working on some of their academics titles that have recently been published. The selection here features images of children, it’s surprising that […]

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