The 1 Percent And The Rest Of Us Book Cover

The 1 Percent And The Rest Of Us Book Cover

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The 1% and the Rest of Us by Tim Di Muzio is a Zed Books title incorporating provocative and original arguments about philanthropy, social wealth and the political role of the super-rich, the author reveals how the 1% are creating a world unto themselves in which the accumulation of ever more money is really a symbolic drive to control society and the natural environment.

The initial visuals featured a number of photographic and graphic solutions, but the photographic solution was preferred. The ideal solution was something that was aspirational, but tongue-in-cheek. The chosen shot I think works well, a little bit of photoshop work to get the title to read across the water and it was there. It was a shame the title had to change as the originally version was a much nicer typographic composition.

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