Israel and South Africa Book Cover

Israel and South Africa Book Cover

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In Israel and South Africa, Ilan Pappé brings together lawyers, journalists, policy makers and historians of both countries to assess the implications of the apartheid analogy for international law and political activism. With contributors including the distinguished anti-apartheid activist Ronnie Kasrils, the book offers a bold and incisive perspective on one of the defining moral questions of our age.

One of my favourite sleeves, interesting how a change in title pushes the cover in a different direction and how successful the result is – from my design perspective. The original title of the book was different to the existing one and we were looking at wall images and the separation of people. Then the title changed and to make it a bit edgier and we used much more alternative/abstract images to represent this. The final image used is by Adam Hinton and is from Israel (Palestine), Gaza City, Gaza Strip, it’s the shelled walls of Gaza Naval College, destroyed during the Israeli offensive of January 2009 (© Adam Hinton/Panos – lovely photo agency specialising in global social issues). I think the treatment of the photo gives it a dynamic quality to it, but in such a simple way.


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