Hannibal Season 2 Blu-ray and DVD packaging

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Hannibal Season 2 (Starring Mads Mikkelson, Hugh Dancy and Laurence Fishburne) artwork files have been uploaded in preparation for the second course! The latest instalment of everyone’s favourite cannibal(!?) will be available on September 22nd on Blu-ray and DVD, both featuring 4 discs, they contain all 13 episodes.

Having originally worked on season 1, it was nice to carry on with the artwork for season 2. Using the supplied key art, the front was a pretty straightforward adapt. I liked the lighter artwork, but that did cause a bit of a headache for the back and that was where the hard work was! We were supplied with a huge amount of stills, but the majority were very dark and not at all in keeping with the bleached appearance of the front. The cast in cages was an ideal choice of image, but the photos were incredibly yellow and no single shot had all the cast in focus and in the ideal pose! Therefore the final back image was comped together from four different shots and a vast array of adjustment layers used for the colour tweaks. The end result was pretty satisfying and one which I think works well with the front image (see gallery below for the back).

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