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Psychology Book Covers 5

A number of Psychology titles dealing with Psychoanalysis for Routledge. I had absolutely no idea what to focus on for Contemporary Bionian Theory and Technique in Psychoanalysis, but sometimes plugging away can result in a really successful sleeve.

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Psychology Book Covers 3

Some of the more abstract Psychology book covers for Routledge. I think that the covers for Advanced Research Methods for Applied Psychology and A Student’s Dictionary of Psychology and Neuroscience successfully combine the need of an academic textbook that visual stimulates and I love the […]

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Genealogy, Psychology and Identity book cover

Routledge Psychology Book Covers 1

These two books from Routledge are part of their Psychology range. Genealogy, Psychology and Identity by Paula Nicholson explores who we are, our place in both contemporary culture and historical context, the importance of genealogy in the identity and the therapeutic potential of family history in cultivating wellbeing. […]

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