The Conquest Of Everest Blu-ray O-ring Packaging

The Conquest Of Everest Blu-ray and DVD Packaging

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A Vintage Classics title from Studiocanal, Blu-ray and DVD Packaging for The Conquest Of Everest.

A creative brief to use the original assets to create a new set of sleeves and fit in with the existing Vintage Classics titles.

As the originally supplied images were really poor quality, an illustrative version of the famous photo of Norgay Tensing taken by Edmund Hilary on top of Everest was created digitally. When the image rights for the original photo were approved by the Royal Geographical Society, it was decided to use the illustrative version over the photo.

The back uses the supplied images and a reworked and recoloured poster for the hero image.

The Conquest Of Everest is the inspiring story of man’s first conquest of the world’s highest mountain. Made in 1953, the film documents the breathtaking ascent of Everest by Hunt, Hillary, Tensing et al, directed by fellow expedition member George Lowe.

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