Dr Who And The Daleks Vinyl Collector's Edition

Dr. Who And The Daleks Vinyl Collector’s Edition

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The Vinyl Collector’s Edition of Dr Who And The Daleks for StudioCanal.

Adaptation of artwork supplied by Johnny Dombrowski for the Vinyl Collector’s Edition. This set features UHD and Blu-ray discs, 4 12″ art cards and a lenticular picture of the brand-new artwork.

The lenticular was created from the supplied files that I modified and extended to provide the additional depth required for the final lenticular print.

An out-of-this-world Vinyl collector’s edition of Dr. Who and The Daleks. Includes the full soundtrack by Malcolm Lockyer and a brand new 4K restoration of the film. Starring British film legend Peter Cushing as everyone’s favourite timelord. This was the first big-screen film adaptation of British TV’s most iconic sci-fi hero, and the first time Dr. Who was ever seen in colour!

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