The Happiest Days Of Your Life Blu-ray O-ring

The Happiest Days Of Your Life Blu-ray and DVD Packaging

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Creating the artwork for The Happiest Days Of Your Life on Blu-ray and DVD O-rings was a pleasure to work on. Featuring the wonderful actors Alastair SimMargaret Rutherford and Joyce Grenfell, it also features artwork by the brilliant Ronald Searle.

The artwork is based on a old poster that featured the illustrations of Ronald Searle, however, this artwork only existed at lo-res. However, the opening titles feature these illustrations, so I requested screen grabs and then converted them to outlines to use at higher resolution on the artwork. It was then a case of getting the composition to work with a suitable title treatment. Sticking the oversize heads on the bodies, seems easy enough in theory, but it’s actually a lot trickier in practise.

Hopefully I have done justice to all the marvellous talent featured in the film.

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