School For Scoundrels Blu-ray Packaging

School For Scoundrels Blu-ray and DVD Packaging

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Enrol at the wacky College of Lifemanship where a senior host of great British comedians teach a completely uproarious course on how to come out tops in any social situation. Study with Alastair Sim and learn his valuable hints on the art of comic One-upmanship. Follow his expert advice to victimised Ian Carmichael about romance and you’ll be a top class pupil fully equipped to cope with life’s hilarious humiliations without really cheating. A Vintage Classic from StudioCanal School for Scoundrels features the wonderful Terry-ThomasJanette Scott and Dennis Price.

Based on a cracking poster from 1960, the time of release, it would have been a crime not to use such an asset. I did provide an optional title treatment based on the film’s opening credits, but the original poster’s title remain. I moved Terry-Thomas’ head to  the top and retouched some of the images as some of the heads needed extending slightly (to counter the usual proportional problems of the Blu-ray).

Don’t like it? Hard cheese old boy!

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