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The Servant Collector’s Edition

The Servant Collector’s Edition for StudioCanal using Edward Kinsella’s image, creating a title treatment and applying the design across the slipcase and booklet.  Collector’s Edition includes UHD 4K Blu-ray, 2 Blu-rays, 3 disc Digipak, Slipcase, 64-page Booklet and 4 Artcards.

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The Thing Collector’s Edition

The Thing Collector’s Edition for Universal. The 4 Disc UHD and Blu-ray Collector’s Edition features poster artwork, art cards, a 48 page booklet and soundtrack. John Carpenter’s The Thing uses the fantastic artwork of Matt Ferguson across the front cover and takes elements across the slipcase, digital […]

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Odette Blu-ray and DVD Packaging

Part of the Vintage Classics series for Studiocanal, Odette is Blu-ray and DVD inlay and O-ring sleeves. The brief was to portray Odette as a strong female lead character that previous sleeves had failed to represent. Making use of supplied poster artwork for the title […]

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The Prince Of Darkness Collector’s Edition

Prince Of Darkness Collector’s Edition for StudioCanal. The 4 Disc UHD and Blu-ray Collector’s Edition features poster artwork, art cards, a 48 page booklet and soundtrack. John Carpenter’s Prince of Darkness uses the fantastic artwork of Matt Ferguson across the front cover and takes elements across the […]

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Ice Cold In Alex Blu-ray and DVD Packaging

Ice Cold In Alex Blu-ray and DVD packaging for the StudioCanal Vintage Classics 60th Anniversary release. The Vintage Classic releases for StudioCanal have a distinctive style (fro other examples see them here), using areas of flatter colour that resemble vintage posters. The packaging fro Ice Cold in […]

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French Waves DVD Packaging

French Waves DVD Packaging for StudioCanal. This film was supplied with limited resources, but did have a saving grace of a great press kit. Taking inspiration from that and colouring the (lo-res!) screen grabs to match the central title treatment, the sleeve reflects the vibrant […]

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Goodby Berlin DVD Packaging

Adaptation of German artwork for the DVD Packaging of Goodbye Berlin, a StudioCanal release. Oh gorgeous Sante Fe font how we love you on this poster! Something that I probably wouldn’t have thought to choose, but works so nicely on this sleeve. The typeface is backed up […]

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Fog In August DVD Packaging

Fog In August DVD Packaging for StudioCanal. An adaptation of German artwork, a clean and simple design lets the subject matter speak for itself. A rare use of a serif typeface. Based on the true story of 13-year-old Ernst Lossa (Ivo Pietzcker). Southern Germany, early […]

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Dunkirk DVD Packaging

DVD packaging for the 1958 version of Dunkirk from StudioCanal. Not to be confused with the recent release from Christopher Nolan, this 1958 release was directed by Leslie Norman (The Long, The Short And The Tall), starring John Mills (Ice Cold In Alex, Goodbye Mr Chips, […]

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Bunuel Boxset and Belle De Jour Packaging

Bunuel: The Essential Collection boxset and Belle De Jour Blu-ray and DVD packaging from StudioCanal. Belle De Jour is a World Cinema release and uses the international artwork on the Blu-ray and DVD packaging. Bunuel: The Essential Collection is part of The Auteur Collection from StudioCanal (along with […]

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Melody Blu-ray and DVD Packaging

Packaging for the Vintage Classic Blu-ray and DVD StudioCanal release of Melody. Having worked on a previous release of Melody (see below for an early 2D packshot) that didn’t have too many assets available, I thought that the Remaster wasn’t going to be the easiest of […]

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I Remember You DVD Packaging

The DVD packaging for I Remember You from StudioCanal uses the teaser artwork – not the theatrical poster artwork – to convey the films darker and sinister side. With a smorgasbord of resources to chose from, the back cover features some disturbing images from the […]

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Trust Me DVD Packaging

Trust Me DVD Packaging for StudioCanal. An adaptation from limited resources, the DVD packaging utilises a muted colour palette and strong central images of the main cast member, Jodie Whittaker. Filmed before becoming known as the first female Doctor Who, Jodie gives a great performance in […]

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The Goose Steps Out Blu-ray O-ring Packaging

The Goose Steps Out Blu-ray and DVD Packaging

The Goose Steps Out is a StudioCanal Vintage Classic and part of the Ealing Studios Digitally Restored collection. Comedy legend Will Hay stars as William Potts, a hapless, clumsy schoolteacher, who just happens to be an identical body double for a notorious German Nazi general. When the army […]

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Manchester By The Sea Blu-ray O-ring Packaging

Manchester By The Sea Blu-ray and DVD Packaging

Monday sees the release of the Oscar®-winning (Bafta® and Golden Globe® as well) Manchester by the Sea. Casey Affleck* (Gone Baby Gone) stars as Lee, a man whose spare existence is suddenly ruptured when the death of his brother Joe (Kyle Chandler, Carol, The Wolf of Wall Street) […]

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Mandy Blu-Ray O-ring Packaging

Mandy Blu-ray and DVD Packaging

Mandy is a Digitally Restored Ealing Studios film, part of the StudioCanal Vintage Classic collection. Nominated for 6 BAFTAs in 1952, Ealing classic Mandy is the heart-rending adaptation of Hilda Lewis’s novel The Day is Ours, from acclaimed director Alexander Mackendrick (Whisky Galore!, The Man in the […]

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The Proud Valley Blu-ray Oring Packaging

The Proud Valley Blu-ray and DVD Packaging

The print files for The Proud Valley left Rogue Four Towers recently. A Studio Canal Vintage Classic title from 1940, it features the wonderful singing voice of Paul Robeson and tells the story of a small Welsh mining community dealing with the closure of the local pit, a story that […]

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The Man Between Blu-ray Packaging

The Man Between Blu-ray and DVD Packaging

A digitally restored Vintage Classic from Studio Canal, The Man Between is a later collaboration between James Mason and Carol Reed, often considered a companion piece to The Third Man thanks to its atmospheric portrayal of a city struggling to survive in a grim post-war reality of poverty and […]

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