Under The Skin Limited Edition Steelbook

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I’ve had the pleasure of working on the limited edition Steelbook for Under The Skin. It’s a retailer exclusive and it’s already sold out. I loved the film, it’s beautifully disturbing and disturbingly beautiful.

Under The Skin starring Scarlett Johansson, is Jonathan Glazer’s critically-acclaimed third feature after Sexy Beast and Birth. It gets released on BD and DVD on 14th July.


  1. Alan Fletcher

    Very nice steelbook. Is it known if this is going to be released with titles on the cover, as shown on Zavvi’s site, or without as shown here? I personally would much rather have the steelbook without titles. I think the ‘cleaner’ look is far superior.

  2. Thanks very much! The steelbook will be a ‘clean’ version without the title. The original designs did feature the title treatment, but I’m glad we went without them in the end. The accompanying taco card will have all the text, cert and film details.

  3. Can you comment on what the finish of the steelbook will be? Whether it will be glossy or matte? There’s been quite a bit of debate and discussion about this. Thanks!

  4. Fantastic looking steelbook
    Can you tell me if its a matte finish or a gloss finish as a lot of collectors would like to know

  5. David McAusland

    Hi, any chance you can confirm what finish this steel will have? Across the collector’s forums steelbook aficionados are really hoping for a gloss finish on this one.

  6. Hey! Do you know anything about the finish on this Steel? Will it have full gloss and/or maybe some kind of sparkle effect?

  7. It definitely looks better without any text.
    Are you able to confirm if this will have a glossy or matte finish?

  8. I think this will be a phenomenal steelbook. I think the decision to remove the text on the front was a great idea and the gloss finish will make the colors really pop.
    Have you seen this steelbook in hand yet? Do you have any pics you are able to share. If you have, it would be amazing if you could post a couple! 🙂
    Excited to see other steelbook designs you do in the future.

    • Hi Nick, thanks for the comments. I’ve not been fortunate to see this ‘in the flesh’ yet so unfortunately I’ve got nothing else to share. However, it’s not long until it’s out, so I hope you enjoy it when it’s out next week.

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